Hipster coffee speak


Lava n / An EXTRA EXTRA HOT coffee. ‘Careful, this one’s a lava!’


Riz n / A ristretto, the strongest and most concentrated espresso drink. Made with half the amount of water, but the same amount of coffee as a regular espresso. ‘One espresso, make it a riz.’


Spro n / Espresso, a type of strong black coffee. ‘One spro coming up!’


Cement Mixer n / When the customer asks for a takeaway milk coffee with 5+ sugars. ‘It does happen,” says our Carmelo ‘Load up the sugar; we’ve got a cement mixer.’


Magic n / Double ristretto in a smaller 160 ml cup. Like a flat white, it’s a little less milk and a little more coffee tasting than a latte. ‘Man, I’m so tired, I think I need a magic.’


Why Bother n / Weak soy decaf, pretty self-explanatory. ‘Can I get a weak soy decaf?’ ‘A why bother? You might as well have water.’


Pic n / Short for piccolo latte, literally the Italian translation of ‘small latte’, served in a 90 ml glass. ‘So that will be one muffin and one pic.’

A deconstructed coffee

Because getting a barista to make your coffee is so 2016... A deconstructed coffee is beans, milk (or mylk) served as individual elements to be consumed as one.

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