Micro Roasting

Our Roastmaster is roasting our most expensive Single Origin Coffee, COLOMBIAN RED BOURBON HONEY - LAS MARGARITAS.
Bright and fruity with notes of lychee and apple. This is a very complex coffee with lots of great fruit notes.Las Margaritas is part of a group of farms called Granja La Esperanza. They grow many different varietals including Bourbon, Geisha, Typica and Pacamara. These are grown on small sub farms allowing complete traceability back to the individual varietal. They employ 23 people on a full time basis and this increases to 150 at the busiest harvest times during the year. A school enrolment program is available for the children of the workers. This particular lot comes from the Las Margaritas farm which is planted with the Red Bourbon varietal.
This is definitely one of the most distinctive coffees we've tasted from Colombia.
Farm - Las Margaritas, part of the Granja La Esperanza group of farmsAltitude – 1600 maslSize - 5 hectare Location - Caicedonia, ColombiaPreparation – Honey Varietal – Red BourbonRoast: LightBody: Rich and creamy fruit laden cup.Acidity: FruityNotes: Nectarine, cherry, pear, honey and delicate floral-notes.

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